Who we are



geniusHive is a not-for-profit focused on inspiring students to strive for excellence in all present and future endeavors through the early appreciation of music theory, performance and composition.


Our excellence program adopts the ABRSM approach to developing skills necessary for unearthing creative genius. Music achievement provides much needed stimulus for striving to attain higher standards in all endeavors.


Our Story


geniusHive was founded in Nov. 2013 by Julius Richardson, who had always wished the joy of classical music was experienced by a greater population of youth in the Ghanaian society.


Having experienced the transformational power of music and collaboration at an earlier age, Julius moved on to pursue a career in information technology, and banking and finance. 


His one enduring dream however, had not been achieved - a thriving and vibrant ecosystem of music experts and enthusiasts who inspire their communities to higher standards. After 15 years of multidisciplinary endeavors, the time had come to put the acquired knowledge to work in realizing the dream.


Leveraging several years in music education and performance, branding, architecture, business management, banking, and information technology, geniusHive was established with ServLed Africa Limited with the support of music teachers, architects and brand development experts.


This collaborative model is the glue that assures the creation of sustainable excellence program that has a target to partner with communities, societies, schools, and families to help develop higher standards of musical and academic achievement.



Vision and Mission


Vision: Inspire the next generation to strive for excellence in all disciplines and future endeavors using music as the foundation to teach essentials lessons for success.



Build the Premier African Youth Orchestra


Our Beliefs


1.  Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful


2. The key to happiness is finding one's God-given purpose in life.


3. Passion drives purpose.


4. The arts and music specifically, are key ingredients to unearthing passions in young minds.


5. The youth hold the key to transforming our society and have the power to do so now.


6. Collaboration and striving for excellence generates little ripples which stir a storm of positive change in any society.


7. An orchestra is the best representation of different people working harmoniously together to achieve the most positive and audacious outcomes.


Core Values


1.   Integrity

2.  Passion for Excellence

3.  Open-Mindedness

4.  Team

5.  Self-Motivation


We promote Christian values as we believe they are quintessential to achieving positive, sustainable and lasting outcomes.